For authors, booksellers, non-profit organizations interested in displaying and/or selling books or book related product

The Allatoona Book Festival welcomes organizations, businesses and authors who wish to display and market their books and related products at the Allatoona Book Festival.  The Festival committee anticipates a great turnout this year from interested vendors that can help make this event a festive and productive draw for many folks throughout the community.   Tables and chairs will be provided.  One half of a 3 x 8 table is $25, a full table is $50.  The Festival reserves the right to pre-screen books and products in keeping with the mission of the Allatoona Book Festival.   Please provide the Book Festival Committee with the following information to request a display area:

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 All vendor display areas are considered first come/first served and reservations must be pre-payed after review.  We will get back to you shortly!