"Prelude to a Painted Sound " 



Painted Sounds is a program developed by the League of American PEN women initially for their own members, where writers and musicians interpret one another’s art in their own medium.    A painting might be interpreted musically, a poem may be written to a stunning piece of artwork, a short story might be represented in sculpted form. It’s an amazing collaboration of creative power that never fails to excite and inspire each and everyone who participates.  Under the direction of the Atlanta PEN Chapter Acworth Cultural Arts Center our July art exhibit will provide both a backdrop and a source of inspiration that will lead to eventual  interpretations of these works in another form.  A workshop will be held during the exhibit for the initial engagement followed up by a workshop which will be a central feature of the Allatoona Book Festival in October.  Artists whose work that provided the initial inspiration for the will be shown again alongside the results during the Festival. 
Below is an explanation of the idea for the project from a blog by a member of the Atlanta Branch of the League of American PEN women.


 Painted Sound                

This piece, entitled “Tsunami,” represents the synergy and creative potential of being a Pen Woman…for the organization provides collaborative opportunities among writers, artists, and composers. “Tsunami” features poetry by Frances Patton Statham, music and narration by Candace Long, and art by Mimi Gould. The music won First Prize in the NLAPW 2012 Music Awards as well as First Place in the Georgia State Association NLAPW Music Competition.

The ACAC will host a regional juried exhibit of original work by fine artists in the Main Street Gallery from July 8 through July 29th. Open to all residents of Georgia age 18 and older. We are very excited to announce that this exhibit will feature a special collaboration between the Acworth Cultural Arts Center and the Atlanta Chapter of the American PEN women, a longstanding prominent organization of women artists, writers and musicians whose headquarters is in Washington DC.