The Red Onion: A fully-equipped fine arts print shop


The Red Onion Press

The Red Onion Press is a unique community resource, providing both instruction in fine arts printmaking and letterpress, specialized printing services and products as well as a well equipped workshop for experienced artists. 

Artisans from our shop offer printmaking instruction in the graphic arts, providing unique training. Students will receive instruction on creating their own blocks along with some basic design and technical training.  Unlike commercially reproduced images, printmaking and letterpress is original art. The creativity of the artist is involved in both the design of the image and each rendering. 


Green Square Press

is our commercial Letterpress operation.  Master printer and press owner Hugh MacKay lends his extensive experience and education to a partnership with the Acworth Cultural Arts Center.  His entire shop, including four operational letterpress and a vast collection of movable type fonts is housed in the Red Onion Press.  Part of the proceeds for letterpress work goes to support the non-profit printing and publication work of the Acworth Cultural Arts Center.

1962 Art Restoration Project

 Encyclopeadia Britannica Film strip series "Classics of English Literature"


180 original hand painted woodblock and print illustrations of six classical English Literature works produced in 1962 had been lost for 55 years.  The artwork was the product of a year long project; a series of 6 filmstrips, widely disseminated to schools and libraries. The filmstrips "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," "Morte d'Arthur," "Beowulf," "The Nun's Priest Tale," "The Second Shepherd's Play" and "Everyman” were illustrated by the late Bronislaw Bak, formerly on the faculty at Georgia Southern.

Under the direction of the Kennesaw State University's School of Art and Design printmaking area, a replica hand printed limited edition of each block series on specialized paper will be created with each print hand painted to match the original set by the artist.  A selection from this exhibit will be archival mounted and framed to create a traveling exhibit to generate interest and support for the project.